Red polka dot elastic loop mask


1. Triple layered                       2. 100% Cotton shell
3. Washable                             4. Reusable
5. Allergen protection            6. Comfortable fit
7. Sweat proof


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Pack of 1 Reusable face mask.
Triple layered : The face mask has a thick cotton layer on the outside for protection and soft voile on the inside for a more comfortable fit. The Middle layer has SSMMS for filtration.
100% Cotton shell : The shell of the mask is 100% cotton making it really durable.
Allergen protection : The mask is designed in a way that only cotton touches the skin, reducing the risk of allergies compared to other masks made of non-natural fabrics.
Comfortable fit : The design of the mask is made in a way that it fits better on the face making for a more comfortable fit.

For masks made out of toweling : (or market them as activity/ gym masks)
Sweat proof : Thick towel fabric on the outside makes the mask great for activities in the gym and outside.


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