The PPE Kit includes :
1. 3 ply Surgical Mask.                2. Face Shield
3. 90 GSM Coverall with seam tape and attached hood cover.            4. Shoe Covers
5. Surgical gloves                          6. Goggles


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Features :
Certified kit : UCC code OFM006500520
Tape over seams : Each PPE coverall has tape over each of its seams to provide barrier protection against viral (COVID-19) and bacterial agents.
Impermeable design : The kit is designed to have flaps over the zipper and seams are designed specially to make the kit impermeable to fluids and viral agents (Covid -19)

Steps to remove the PP equipment safely:
Remove the full body suit and gloves inside out and dispose off safely.
The face mask should also be removed from the back of the head or ears carefully.
To remove the shoes worn inside the body suit, remove them without touching them with your hands.
Perform hand hygiene after each step.


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