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About Us


In 1965 Ms Sushil Lamba, a fiercely independent mother, decided to set out in pursuit of her own range of baby clothing. Upon those times of political instability and technological backwardness, the mother designed and spun a range of clothing which she marketed and sold all by herself. By the time her venture had gained momentum, she had registered it as Red Roses and it was 1973.

More than 40 years later today, Red Roses Clothing has earned itself a niche for premium baby clothing. The sheer diversity and unmatchable comfort of our products are hallmarks of the Red Roses Clothing experience. Operationally, we are spread strategically across Delhi-NCR, but our demand spawns international borders.

Still run lovingly by the family itself, Red Roses Clothing products will continue to remain as ideal for your little princess or superhero as if made with hand by the child’s own grandparents.

Give your child the Red Roses Clothing experience today

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